Journal of Mathematical Behavior

Mathematics Education

Name: Journal of Mathematical Behavior


  • JMB focus on research that can improve the learning and teaching of mathematics and help develop a deeper understanding of how people learn and use mathematics
  • JMB “solicits original research on the learning and teaching of mathematics. We are interested especially in basic research, research that aims to clarify, in detail and depth, how mathematical ideas develop in learners.”
  • “Because the editors believe in the value of dialog and discussion, they are particularly interested in articles that continue, extend, modify or challenge other reports previously published in JMB.”
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Length requirements:
    • Abstract: A concise and factual abstract is required (between 100-150 words).
    • Report: There is no specific length set for the articles submitted to this journal. After submitting an article, the journal office will just correspond with you if there is a need to shorten it later on.