The International Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (RIPEM)

Mathematics Education (Practitioners’ Resources)

 Name: The International Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (RIPEM)


Contact: Cláudia Flores,

Description: This journal is an online open-access, international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by SBEM (Brazilian Society for Mathematics Education)

Founded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Publishes articles on a variety of topics and research methods in science and mathematics education Founded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan Draws attention to studies that explore science and mathematics education from different cultural perspectives

Founded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education publishes original, peer reviewed articles on a variety of topics and research methods in both science and mathematics education. Articles address common issues in mathematics and science education, including cross-curricular dimensions.

Topics: This journal emphasizes studies that explore science and mathematics education from different cultural perspectives. Manuscripts written by authors whose native language is not English are encouraged; the journal’s editors provide support for these authors.

Handling of Manuscripts: The contributions for RIPEM should address the scope of the journal, and may be submitted to one of the following sections: General Papers, Debate and Book Reviews. Only invited researchers are able to present manuscripts for the section “Invited Paper”. The manuscript can not have been submitted to or published in any other journal, even in another language. A paper previously presented and published at scientific meetings may be submitted for consideration, on the grounds that the editors are informed of the location of previous publications and the author can show that the manuscript has been substantially modified and improved.

The manuscript format is Microsoft World Document (.doc). The manuscript must be submitted in English. Following the double-blind peer review principles, please make sure that information about the authors’ identities does not appear anywhere in the manuscript. Also, the authors are required to remove their names from the Document’s Properties, by clicking on the following, beginning with File on the main menu of the Microsoft application: File > Save As > Tools (or Options with a Mac) > Security > Remove personal information from file properties on save > Save.

The length of a paper manuscript is from 6000 to 9000 words (including all parts). The text should be single-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point font, on A4 paper. Only use italics, rather than underlining. All illustrations, figures, and tables are placed and numbered within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end. The footnotes are discouraged. The main text of paper should have the following structure: title of the manuscript; abstract of no more than 200 words; 5 key words; the text; references according to the APA style; and annexes (optional). The main text of a book review should have the following structure: the complete title of the text, edition number, complete names(s) of author(s), publisher, publisher’s address (city & state), and date of publication; a text between 700-1400 words.

The headings in the text should be numbered consecutively as following: main heading with 1., 2., 3., and so on; sub-heading with 1.1., 1.2., and so on. The headings should be separated from the text with one line before and after the heading (for any degree of specification). Images, tables and graphics should be numbered consecutively in the text as Table 1, Table 2, etc or rather Image 1, Image 2 etc., and additionally be given a title. The annexes should be numbered consecutively. References to these annexes are to be given in the main text.

If the manuscript is accepted, the authors will be required to include some brief biographical information. For authors from Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries, a final version in Portuguese or Spanish will be required. Citations with more than 40 words should have quotation marks and be set apart from the text in a new line.  References to author(s) should be made by providing the author’s name(s) and the year of publication, in citations, additionally the page number(s) in print. For example: D’Ambrósio (1990, p. 4) shows…; According to the authors (Santos, Almeida & Teixeira, 2000),… The list of references should include all works cited in the text and follow APA formatting.